Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Check out this GREAT adoption fundraiser!

Adeye is at it again! She's doing all that she can to advocate for a sweet child who desperately needs a family. Wow, did she ever put together an amazing fundraiser! She is trying to raise as much as possible to cover the adoption expenses for Vanya (isn't he adorable!?!).

Many in the adoption community have come together to donate over 100 awesome prizes! Although, this sweet face is really all the incentive we need to try to help Vanya find a loving family and home.

So please click on over to Adeye's blog right now and make a donation in ANY amount. Then help spread the word on Facebook, Twitter or a blog. Vanya's family is out there somewhere and just a small effort on your part could be life-changing for this little boy.

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